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Virtual Machines

Creating a VM

VM on Demand lets you create and delete virtual machines on demand. To create a VM, click the Create a VM button on the top of the VM Info section.

create vm

You can set the hostname (must be unique), number of GPUs attached to the machine, and the base image to be used with the virtual machine.

The VM creation can take up to 5 minutes. You will receive an email when it's done.

After getting an email notifying you that the VM has finished setting up, you should be able to see information about the VM.

vm info

You may also shelve and unshelve the VM at any time.

Logging in

Start an SSH session in the VM:


where USERNAME is your account's username and IP_ADDRESS is the displayed IP address.

Deleting a VM


Deleting a VM is permanent and unrecoverable. Make sure to back up any data into a volume before deletion.

Click on the Delete this VM button under the VM you want to delete. After deletion, you may create a new VM.