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SSH Keys

SSH Keys lets you log into the remote machine securely without using a password. You will need to upload at least one public key to create a VM.

Generating an SSH Key Pair

For MacOS and Linux, run ssh-keygen -t ed25519 to generate an ed25519 key pair.

Windows instructions are available on the Ubuntu website.

Uploading your SSH Public Key

  • Your public keys are displayed under the Public Keys section of the main page.

public key

  • Click on the Upload Key button in the public keys section. Your public key should be in a file called ~/.ssh/

public key

Changing the Public Key label

Click on the Rename Key button to change the public key's label.

Deleting a public Key

Click on the Delete Key button to prevent a public key from being added to a new VM by default. Please keep in mind that you will need at least one uploaded public key to create a VM.